Monday, September 26, 2011

Teacher: Wat wil u do after growing up?

Teacher: Wat wil u do after growing up?:) Student: Facebookin g:) Teachr..: NO! I mean wat wil u BECUM ... ... ... Studnt: Admin of facebook pages:-). Teachr: OMG! I MEAN wat wil u ACHIEVE aftr u grow up Studnt: Facebook Admin Rights;) Teacr: IDIOT! I MEAN wat wil u do 4 ur PARENTS Studnt: I create a page for thm on facebooK. I LUV MOM n DAD Teachr: Stupid! Wat do ur parents want frm U? Stud.: My facebook password :P Teach.: Oh God! Wat IS DA PURPOSE OF UR LIFE? Stud: Facebook bt never to face book :D

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