Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why husbands avoid answers?

Why husbands avoid answers?
WIFE: Will u marry again if i died?
HUSBAND: noway!
W: Why not, Don't u like being married?
H: Of course I do!!
W: Then y wouldn't u remarry?
H: Okay, I'd get married again!
W: U would?
H: ....?
W: Would u live in our house?
H: Sure, it's a great house!
W: Would u sleep with her in our bed?
H: Where else would we sleep?
W: Would u let her drive my car?
H: Yeah, its almost brand new!!
W: Would u give her my jewelry?
H: No, I'm sure she'd want her own
W: Would she wear my shoes?
H: No, her size is 6
W: -silence-
H: shit!! :p

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